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EXCLUSIV  Relaxing at SPA in Bucharest

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Therme Center, the only one with thermal water in the capital Photo: Facebook thermebucuresti
Therme Center, the only one with thermal water in the capital Photo: Facebook thermebucuresti

Many guests of the pools and SPA centers in Bucharest are business travellers who use to make short and frequent visits in the Romanian capital. The large number of relaxation offers gives them the opportunity to take advantage of multiple refreshing experiences, either at the hotels where they are staying or at the most modern SPA centers, opened in recent years in the Capital and in the surroundings.


The most attractive place of relaxation of the Capital is Therme Bucharest, in the Otopeni area. To facilitate access, Therme made available to customers a free bus, departing from the Romana Square. The tourists are sent here even by the hotels where they are staying or by the travel agencies, in organized groups or individually, because it is one of the most important attractions, unique not only in Romania, but also in Europe. With tropical trees and exotic plants, Therme center is the only one where they can find thermal water in the capital and its aquatic areas and the green ones are ideally combined here, inspired by the most fabulous regions of the world. Also, relaxation can be combined here with gastronomic delights, in the three restaurants of the complex.


Exotic concept, unique in Europe


“It is the most exotic destination in Romania and the largest such wellness and entertainment center in Europe, built as a greenfield concept. Our guests may come any day of the year, transforming an common visit into a holiday, with fun, socializing, pampering for the body and mental peace”, explains a representative of Therme Bucharest. The difference between the relaxation areas of the hotels is that at Therme you can make a real getaway in panoramic pools with clear thermal waters, rich in antioxidant minerals, where the tourists indulge in refreshing drinks.

“Therme is an experience, not just a SPA... Here you can explore the whole world, through inspiration, expiration and perspiration, in the thematic saunas unique in the touristic landscape of Romania. Feel the benefits of Himalayan salt aerosols, surrounded by amber walls, inspire the warmth of the aromatic Amazonian forests, get lost and find yourself in the languorous eastern atmosphere specific to the Alhambra or discover and learn exciting things, in the Hollywood spirit. Or maybe you want to lay down on the beds of coniferous woods or smiles and enjoy the air enriched by the aromatic herbs from the European land, from the Bavarian and Provencal sauna”says the representative of Therme.


Therme is an experience, not just a SPA

Also here, the experiences lead to refreshing baths under a tropical waterfall and a massage to stimulate the body's energy flow, gentle movement sessions - yoga or pilates. It can also be a more dynamic getaway, on winding, recreational and fun slides at the same time. Or on huge waves, where you can exercise in thermal waters, as in a fun park with health benefits. At Therme you can do over 40 activities, procedures and therapies, included in three types of packages. There are 2,400 peeling and facemask treatments per week, in wet saunas alone, and for relaxation, there are 70 natural essential oils used in Aufguss therapies, with extraordinary health benefits. Therme Bucharest also has the largest sauna complex in Romania, with six dry and four wet themed areas.


From alternative and healing therapies, to hair and manicure SPA...


For those who need more treatments, for various conditions, there are centers that combine relaxation at the SPA with treatments approaching the medical area. Lotus SPA, with a center in Bucharest and one in Otopeni, has a very varied range of therapies, being a new concept of boutique-SPA recently opened. The Lotus SPA concept is also for experiences that delight the senses, bringing relaxation and balance, as well as for healing treatments. Here are therapies of many types, from the classic body and facial, to the alternative ones, including hairdressing, manicure and pedicure, all approached from a SPA perspective - with capillary massage and hand or foot massage. One of the unique treatments is one that includes honey packs.

“We think that in order to feel good, we should also take care of the way we look. Therefore, we have included in our offer facial and beauty services - hair dressing and manicure. These services also include in the protocol therapeutic elements designed to relieve stress and restore physical and mental energy. Alternative therapies can be made with energy treatment and holistic healing techniques. We also have a partnership with Cosmina Grigore, a renowned specialist in nutrition and hormonal balance”, explains the manager of the center.


Anti-cellulite treatments and other therapies


Here you can also do anti-cellulite treatments and other types of treatments that require several successive sessions, so it takes a long time to get visible results. The specialists of the center say that it is only after the first three sessions that the first changes can be observed, and the treatment and the effects differ from one person to another, depending on many factors, from age and general health, to certain diseases of the glands or hormonal disorders, which are the basis of delayed treatment results.

Lotus Spa Bucharest has a holistic approach, starting from the established mission: to help people live a more harmonious and balanced life. Massages and therapies have been thought out with great attention to detail. In addition to traditional massages, it also offers specialized posture problems, such as Thai and Yumeiho. The rooms designed in the form of canopies, meant to induce the feeling of peace, calm and tranquility, also contributes to relaxation.


Offers, favorite for those who visit Bucharest Photo: Facebook thermebucuresti

“We emphasize relaxation and charge it with positive energy. We work with prestigious trainers and consultants, such as Daniela Dumitru, Budha Bar Spa International Consultant. The exotic-contemporary atmosphere, complemented by aromatherapy and relaxing music, instantly creates an incursion into the well-being. Lotus Spa therapists are passionate about what they do, having both the training and the vocation needed to make guests feel as relaxed as possible, and the products used within the center are inspired by nature, being carefully chosen for their beneficial effects”, explains the manager.

Such offers are perfect for those who visit the capital often and need a great deal of relaxation, after many hours spent on the plane or in the car, at business meetings or other demanding activities. The SPA centers come mainly to meet the needs of tourists who do not choose one of the big hotels, for several days visits, but especially those who, having intense activity in Bucharest or in the surroundings, prefer to rent apartments in hotel regime and they don't have access to the SPA areas of the hotels. Not only the tourists benefit from all these relaxation offers, because more and more people from Bucharest visit them frequently.

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