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EXCLUSIV  Painters' Places: The Linden Inn and Eminescu and Galateca Galleries

Flaviu Predescu |
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The Linden Inn (Hanul cu Tei) Photo: Crișan Andreescu
The Linden Inn (Hanul cu Tei) Photo: Crișan Andreescu

The Linden Inn (Hanul cu Tei) restaurant belongs to the former great footballer Ilie Dumitrescu. Football fans remember Ilie from legendary matches, his goals sending Argentina home at the 1994 World Championship, in the USA. Customers often have the pleasure to meet Ilie at the venue or even in front of the inn, whose open court connects the Lipscani and Blănari streets.

As we find out on its presentation page, the inn was built in 1833 by Anastasie Hagi, Gheorghe Polizu and Stefan Popovici on Lipscani Street. The building, particularly solid, remained unchanged and, according to its owners, it is the only historical inn in Bucharest which has retained its original form. The entries are located both on Lipscani Street no. 63-65, as well as on Blănari Street. This corridor, with terraces and exhibited paintings makes the interior of the inn a unique promenade place in Bucharest.

As it usually happens at an inn, the menu is a varied one, with boyar traditional accents and old times specific recipes. Moreover, multiple beer assortments await those who pass the threshold of this hostelry, in the heart of Bucharest. For those who celebrate their birthday party at the location and count at least 12 guests, the house cake and champagne are on the house. As in old times, the inn remains a place of trade, which today we call business. Thus, on the virtual “entry plate” of the restaurant it is mentioned how attractive this place is for such purpose, as The Linden Inn also aims to reach the business clients, who need space for meetings or conferences. Who would have imagined when they had built this place that it would now have two meeting rooms and one conference room equipped with high speed wireless internet, video projector, projection screen, flip-chart, sound system, fixed and mobile microphones, photocopying and printing service. Well, perhaps not even Jules Verne, if he were from Bucharest.


Galeries in the Linden Inn Photo: Crișan Andreescu


In the courtyard, at the ground floor of the inn, the ones passionate about painting can find everything they need to start or maintain their passion for colors. They can buy wonderful paintings that brighten up their rooms at home or at work or even to offer as a gift, all at affordable prices and with quality certificates.

Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center, located on Jean Louis Calderon Street, is often a great meeting place for painters in Bucharest, but it is especially an exhibition space. Moreover, there are two clubs functioning here for those passionate about different arts and other activities that give meaning to everyday life: the Children's Club and the Seniors’ Club.

For parents, the Children's Club has the following message: "Dear parents, life is a fairy tale. Encourage your children to write their own story because we, as adults, have a duty to lead them on the path of self-knowledge and fulfillment. We want to create an alternative of harmonious development for children, giving them the opportunity to nourish their artistic and sporting inclinations in different fields.” And as for the seniors, the Club’s message is inviting: “We look forward for you to join us to train yourself in a series of physical, intellectual and social activities meant to make your days more enjoyable and much more pleasant, in the company of teachers and welcoming staff.”

2Art Gallery, within the Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center, is located on the Chiristigiilor Street no. 11-13, and hosts numerous exhibitions of already established artists. It remains open to the new and to innovation, enriching the hearts of those who come to the countless exhibitions.


Galateca Gallery Photo: Crișan Andreescu

We find the Galateca Gallery in the space belonging to the Royal Foundation Palace, that is, the space of the Central University Library Carol I, through the entrance on C.A, Rosetti, no. 2-4. Its opening hours are from Tuesday to Friday, from 12:00 to 20:00, and on Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00. Here is what the organizers say on their web page: "Our story begins on December 6, 2012, with the opening of the first exhibition: Stories in Pictures. We started with many beautiful projects in mind. First, we wanted to be open and to experiment as much as possible, and afterwards to create an effervescent space, where we could bring together the contemporary and classical art. Last but not least, we wanted to develop a platform to enable the meeting and collaboration between artists, designers, architects, curators and communication people. All this was meant to give the public a different kind of art interaction, a cultural hub in which one could feel he was really involved. And we managed to honor our promises. The 18 exhibitions we have offered stand as proof.

In these exhibitions we have explored multiple territories and forms of artistic expression: from comics to video art, from paintings and drawings, to installations and "happening", from contemporary Romanians artists who are successful abroad to artists who have already made history, from the “ie” as an identity symbol and "vintage" collections to "couture", from classical masters to international multidisciplinary artists. Original events have transformed our space into a theater, a podium or a dance and performance scene. We have assumed a coherent strategy for promoting Romanian values within the program "Romanian Art Energy", as well as two defining directions for the Galateca spirit: international contemporary design and art." A multidisciplinary art and design gallery wishing for a vibrant and modern space, Galateca bears the signature of architect Radu Teaca. 


Carol I Central University Library Photo: Crișan Andreescu

Once you leave Galateca there are several ways to continue exploring Bucharest. Those who wish to make a subscription at the Carol I Central University Library, the depository of 500,000 volumes, many of them in foreign languages, can pass directly by the Students' Entrance of the Carol I CUL. Few steps away, on the right, there is the Theodor Aman Museum, the oldest Memorial House in Bucharest. Alternatively, if when exiting Galateca Gallery you decide to turn left, you will come into Calea Victoriei, near the statue of King Carol I. The C.A. Rosetti Street, where the gallery is located, is crossed by the bicycle and scooter track, which covers much of Calea Victoriei (Victory Avenue), more precisely from the Military Circle to Victoriei Square.


The Theodor Aman Museum Photo: Crișan Andreescu


Well, tell me what could be nicer than spending an afternoon at the Gallery, in the company of open minded people and a glass of wine, and then choosing to either go for a walk on Magheru Boulevard or on Calea Victoriei?


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